Screen Protector Installation

Questions & Answers

Why can others still see my screen from sides?
All the privacy glass will reduce the definition of the phone display.
So you can find that some privacy screen protectors are too dark to be visible even if you are directly in front of screen.
Our privacy screen protector strikes a balance between the privacy and definition.
-When using your phone with our privacy glass by daylight or lamplight, the privacy glass will block views from the left and right side within 45 degree. (People that are not in front of the screen can‘t see anything except a black screen)
-When using your phone with our privacy glass in dark environments, people that are not in front of the screen still can see the light of your screen, but the display of your screen will be blurry and it can still protect your privacy.
Does the privacy function work for landscape?
No, the privacy function only works for portrait, and it only blocks view from sides when you hold the phone vertical.
What is it made of?

The screen protector can cover your entire screen, which let your phone look like an original iPhone without a screen protector and protect full screen.
It's made of three parts:
1, Tempered Glass to cover your actual screen
2, High Quality Color Frame around the tempered glass
3, Privacy layer to provide privacy function
Can it work with a phone case?
Please choose the case which doesn't come up high on the phone if you want to use a case, or it may conflict with this screen protector.
If your phone case did conflict with this screen protector, please purchase our CASE-FRIENDLY privacy screen protector.
Still have other questions?
Please contact us and we will try our best to solve every problem you meet.

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