Product Insight Program

Welcome to level up from a run-of-the-mill TECHO fan to an integral part of our company. Our product insight program made up of an elite team of techies who want to spread the word about TECHO products.


TECHO is a rapidly growing company that knows quality matters to our fans. You have been with us since the beginning and it's finally time we officially join together to make TECHO even better. By joining us, you will get a first look at new technology, unlock access to exclusive promotions, and enjoy other benefits exclusive.



How It Works

Once selected, you will be sent TECHO products based on your preferences. You can use the product freely and form your own unbiased ideas about the product. Within a week’s use, you would need to post the feedback and review of the TECHO product to your social media followers. Your feedback will influence how we make improvements in the future.



How do I apply?
Subscribe us with your Amazon Profile Link and Email. Once we have reviewed your application, you will receive an email notifying you if you have been selected.
How does it work?
As a selected member, you will receive an email when TECHO plans to start a testing period. You will have an option of participating or not for this round, depending on the items to be tested and your availability.
Then, once you’ve received the product(s), you will have one week’s time to create a review and post it online, to whichever public sites or blogs that you want to tell your network about the TECHO product. You must also reply the email and provide these post links to TECHO and give written feedback if you have any.
TECHO will review the content and encourage the quality content creators through more offers and promotions.
What happens if I can't participate this time?
That's ok! We know you have a busy life, so you can just ignore the email for signing up this time. Never fear, we’ll let you know when the next opportunity comes, so you can sign up then. Each time, we will have different products to choose from, so if the products are not your thing this time, check back next time.
What happens if I can't be selected?
Don't worry! You will also receive our exclusive promotions and get the big discount for our new released products in the future.
Having trouble?
Please relay any concerns to